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♫ Nacey ♫ [userpic]
Sims 2 Jem Project:
by ♫ Nacey ♫ (logansrogue)
at September 12th, 2007 (01:22 am)
current mood: busy
current song: The Who - Long Live Rock

Sims 2 Jem Project


- Synergy (hair, eyes, outfit, skin)
- Pizzazz (hair, make-up, sculpting)
- Stormer (hair, make-up, sculpting)
- Jem (make-up, sculpting)
- Roxy (make-up)
- Rio (hair)
- Kimber (make-up)

To Do:

- Aja (make-up, hair, sculpting)
- Shana (make-up, sculpting)
- Roxy (hair, sculpting)
- Jetta (make-up, sculpting)
- Kimber (hair, sculpting)
- Jerrica (make-up)
- Rio (sculpting)
- Stormer (outfit)
- Jem (outfit)

Comments: It's the clothes that'll take me the longest to do. *sigh* Make-up and hair is easy. Clothes - oy! If there's any outfits or whatever that you wanna do, drop a comment and lemme know.