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♫ Nacey ♫ [userpic]
Huge Update: The Nacey Saga
by ♫ Nacey ♫ (logansrogue)
at December 11th, 2007 (05:55 pm)
current mood: busy
current song: Kiss You Off - Scissor Sisters

Hey dudes.

First of all, the Nacey Saga (that I briefly introduced a couple of posts ago) is going to need a frame of reference. Coming into it out of the blue one might be a little confused by the context. Back in 1997 I joined a bunch of people called the Gabrielle and Joxer Romantics Society. We were all fans of the show Xena: Warrior Princess and thought that Gabrielle and Joxer were adorable and should be together. We spent years together enthusing about this couple, and because we were picked on by larger fandom, became quite close and almost tribal.

As a result, the members banded together and had a sort of meta-RPG thread going. We joked that we had our own Amazon Village (Called the Amazon Village of Joxopolis) and that the Triplets (Members by the name of Jaguarita, Mac and Ephiney) were in charge. Ephiney specifically. In this Meta place we had 'Boy Toys' or 'Girl Toys'. Characters that we liked (sometimes in a sexual way) that would be a part of our harems. It was jokingly so, as respect and love for the characters was clear despite the slightly exploitative sounding titles. I think, because we all knew each other intimately we understood what we were really like, and the joke was a given. It amused us!

My first 'Boy Toy' (in later years we shortened it to Toys) was Ares: God of War. Now, as time went on more and more toys joined the villagers from different fandoms. Back in the day it was X-Files and Buffy fandoms that interacted, and then more and more characters mixed it up with the group. These days we have them from everywhere, and my latest picks have been from Doctor Who and Torchwood. It's become less about scaring our favourite characters with our nutty sexual advances and more about plots and storylines involving characters that we love. Often times we save characters from awful fates. (Example: Cedric Diggory is now staying in one of the member's 'huts', living a happy life in the village). It's a way for us to interact with characters that we adore in a more personal way than fanfic. With a group of trusted and long-time friends, it's the sort of fun total geeks like me just ache to have on the internet.

Since 1998 or so Ares has been my boy toy. At some point I 'married' him in the RPG (it was a big joke involving a hotel at Thrace and a lot of booze, and a donkey). When I first started playing The Sims I figured I needed someone to be the boyfriend in the game, and naturally Ares was my pick. He was the hottest actor I knew of and he was fun to make a Sim out of. He's my traditional celebrity squeeze, basically.

As I went about populating 'New Madrigal' (Pleasantville renamed and repopulated with families that aren't complete douchebags) with Sim families, I put people in that in a fictional fun world I'd like to talk to and be friends with. So in moved Harry Potter with Hermione Granger, the Doctor and Martha, Jack Harkness, Captain Jack Sparrow with Will and Elizabeth, Mad Bonney (my Pirate alter-ego) and here and there random hot looking Sims that I felt like making. I'm not done filling up New Madrigal. It has a lot of Harry Potter's gorgeous children in it, and I don't doubt that it will be filled with mine eventually!

So the following story is about the household I established that grew into something else entirely. Now that I've done all my teal-deering, here it is:

Awww!! I'm in my pink Amazon outfit and Ares is in his leathers. Mmm!

We had a karaoke machine in the ol' love shack. It was huuuuge (three stories) and a bitch to play in after a while. Never had a good party there, either, even though the place fucking rocked.

Awww yeah, dat's my man!

Ares with a bird - it cracked me up at the time. All my birds have died of starvation, so I don't get them anymore. Womrats are far more fun and hardy.

Ares and my Sim wanted to get married, so I figured, "What the hell?"

I fucking love my wedding dress.

Cake time - why people get married at all!


Let's get wrecked!

Awww, matching goofy photos!

Painting - just like in real life!


I used this picture for a photo on a clutter decorative item.

My boys a-hangin' out. Yeaaaaah, baby. This is why I play the Sims!

It was about this time that I changed my hairdo. This is the hair I WISH I had.

This was my nice little reading area.

Hehehe. War God playing guitar! LOL!


Nacey: What's bubbly, sweet and full of air?

Oh dear. My sim has gotten pregnant. Well, I did make Ares a family Sim. (After being a pleasure Sim and I tell you, being a Pleasure sim gets old REAL fast).

What have I done!?

I didn't make that hug happen, it just happened on its own. I love autonomy!

...Uh yeah.

He, for some reason, announced that he was home with a flourish and a song. Bizarre.

This is his favourite pet. It's a guinea pig (womrat). Its name is The Destroyer.

Ooh, I'm a-gettin' fat!

I flirted with Jack Harkness. Apparently flirting counts as having an affair. O_O

Do I honestly look like I'm having an affair to you?

Ares makes friends with another Captain Jack.

So much hot in one little game.

I tried to make friends with him but for some reason we had like, no chemistry. Negative, red-cross chemistry.

Which is SO so disappointing.

I'm being friendly with The Doctor.

Doctor: Harry Potter? I Looooooove Harry Potter!

It was at this point I realised that the coffee set had to go.

This is me admiring my handywork with the Doctor.

I think I did a good job with him.

LOL! My Sim is so like me sometimes.

Tummy is getting bigger!!

Playin' some pool.

It seems the War God is ticklish.

Uh oh.

What a farce! LOL!

Thank you, Ares, for your support. T_T

*POP* It's a girl!

Awww. I called her Arielle. ;)

He's so bloody excited!

Probably more excited than I am.

Definitely more excited than I am.

Me, I'm all "Fuck this, I'm reading a book."

You know you got problems when a War God is a better parent than you are.

... Ur...

Nacey: The FLOOR? What the fuck?!

I really *really* wish there were breastfeeding in this game. But seeing as Sims don't even have nipples, that would be problematic.

I got him well trained, girls.


They're so cute before the genetics kick in.

Burping baby!

This is me taking the baby outside for some sunshine and a nice lie down under the trees. I would have had the baby on my chest but this is The Sims. There is no baby-parent closeness like that. They're either in your arms, on the floor or in the fucking bed.

But they are awfully cute.

I made friends with Hermione at the shops and ended up bringing her home. This is the new house, by the way. I moved into a smaller place.


Hermione is a natural mother.

Just look at her, making that baby all happy.

While she's holding her...

Ares doing his job for once.

Washing my baby.

I got a Sim Lenny for this house cause I wanted Xena to have kittens.

This hugging? Happens in real life as well. Seriously, Lenny hugs me back and purrs.

They had kittens, see. This one is Sandy.

This one is Rogue.

Rogue really does that too. LOL!

Back to the baby. That's hygienic!

Here's a big, muscly God of War - playing with a kitten. Somewhere along the way, the skin got mixed up. He lost his hairy body! :,,-(


Same big scary War God - with a guinea pig!

Ares: Who's a fierce, slathering, blood-thirsty Destroyer of nations?

Ares: YOU ARE!

Ares: What's that? Let's wipe out thousands of innocents? All RIGHT!

He gets distracted from that particular task by a cute tiny baby. Go justice!

This is my brand new car. W00T!!!

Again bath time for baby.

Nacey: There. That looks good enough.

My brother's Self-Sim arriving at Arielle's first birthday party!

I love putting parties on!

Time for little Arielle to grow up to her next life stage!


A cute weathergirl (Scotty's Self-Sim's girlfriend) and a kitten. What MORE does one need in life?

Arielle in her room.

This poor little dear is not an exceptional beauty.

Me dancing to some music while Arielle plays.

This is the new loading screen for our neighbourhood.

I am a very bad mother. I couldn't bear to see Arielle so disfigured, so I did a bit of plastic surgery. *guilty look*

I'm teaching her to walk.

Thanks to Noukie's hair (If you do a search for Noukie Sims you'll find her site) she is fucking GORGEOUS. I recommend Nouk's hairs.


She's ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille!

The poor little mite got my nose. But that's the sort of genetic unfortunateness I can live with.

Reading her a story.

Ares playing with Lenny. Ares loves Lenny.

He also thinks I'm hot. HooHAH!

I decided to go to my brand new investment, The Xanadu Roller-rink Nightclub.

This beauty was there. I made her to pretty up the neighbourhood. She's modelled after those classical Greek sculptures. Her name is Artemis.

Note classic profile.

See, I think she's absolutely gorgeous. She has a twin brother, Apollo.

The little WHORE got into the toilet! I don't know how long she was there splashing in the fucking thing before I noticed.

Ares cleaned up. I've never seen a Sim stand up to pee before, I cracked up for a long time. And I locked the door so little Arielle couldn't get back in again. What does she do?

Goes to the OTHER toilet and makes a nuisance of herself! Cow! I'm clicking away for Ares to clean it while my Sim is off busy dealing with some other crisis (either Hermione needing something or a cat doing something naughty) and he isn't going there, he's calling out in distress that he can't get there for some reason.

DUH - dick head here LOCKED ARES IN THE DUNNY. Poor bastard! Let him out, he went and cleaned it. When toddlers are in the house, the only toilets are on the second level.

Ares, Hermione and myself have a soak in the hot tub.

I don't know why she's pulling this face.

Arielle is behaving herself.

Little cow.

Awww. I'm reading on the bed while she does things that aren't evil.

I got her a new dress to wear.

A baby and a kitten. How much more cute does one need?


My sister Helen called. She's got her own lot with Antonio Banderas. It's a Spanish villa. OF LURVE.

Hermione, Jack and I chill and have us some drinks.

I go and help little Arielle take a whizz.

While Ares perves on Hermione. Not that I mind, and really, can you blame him? LOL!

Again Arielle plays with that silly toy, while Ares is enthralled in the weather. For some reason I cannot fathom.

Torture! Torture the baby!!!

TORTURE! TORT--- oh, she's enjoying it.

I think she is far too cute. I'm biased.

This shot amused me because - see the fat neck on my Sim? I really look like that! LOL!

A charming family scene.


Parents of the YEAR! If Ares was my boyfriend, I'd totally nuggle his neck like that.

Oh yay! I'm pregnant again.

My hunky man and my darling tiny weeny baby girl!

Nacey: Pee. Or the doll gets it.

He's so big and she's so tiny!

Ares does the toilet training for once.

Ares: In the toilet, this time.

I paint myself a new poster.

Aww yeah, bitches!

Through an error in meshing, Sirius James' beautiful long black curls have been shaved back. I've fixed it now, but damn, it wasn't nice to see.

Arielle gets an early birthday present.


Awww, she likes it!

Arielle watches Mummy throw up.

My tummy happens.

Ares gives me a back-rub. Now I know it's a make-believe RPG game.

Schmoopy moment!

I also got her this spinny-toy thing.

When you're a kid and you wanna go WHEEE, but you ain't got drugs yet! You hold out for your life! You hold on to your little... gonads... and strife!

Don't let bad drugs happen to good Sims, people. This is what happens when a hack goes wrong.

Party time! The Doctor is a guest this time.

My kid is so special. LOL!

Party time!

Blow-out candle time!

She's still cute! YAY!

We're dancin'! Aw yeah!

That is a fucking huge piece of cake.

Fireworks time!! Sims love that shit, the party score always goes through the fucking roof with those!

So, here is my Sim with the trophy I got from the first Monthly MTS2.com competition.

That is one proud Sim. As you can see this took place BEFORE her birthday, but the order of the pictures is bunged up.

The beginnings of my Xanadu themed nightclub.

Now, here's pictures of an outing that didn't technically happen, because I didn't save it.

Ares, the Doctor and Martha and I all went out for a night on the town at PURE. (Which I redesigned so it didn't suck so much).

I dance with the Doctor.

I fucking love the glowing disco tiles! :D

Ares gets his groove on with the delicious Martha.

I suggest we swap partners, and well...



Me: We should sit on the bass speaker boxes and watch them!

Martha: You are one kinky ho!
Me: YES!
Martha:... okay!

Then I decide to flirt with The Doctor. I had the jealousy keumungo on, but nooooo. It didn't work with married couples and I forgot about that. I got slapped silly and there was crying and broken swords and you name it. So I quit and never went on this lovely outting. Which is a shame cause it started well.

I've replaced that jealousy hack. There's a better one on MTS2.com that works with Seasons even though it's uncertain on the download page. I tested it on Ares and the Doctor. They snogged and I didn't care. Which is totally in character. Of course, after they did that they fell in love and I felt bad for fucking with the Doctor's head. I only wanted the damned cheat so I could stroke the faces of the people I liked! Yeesh! LOL! And to have lesbian hot tubs!


More shit has happened so I'll update soon.


Posted by: Britt (3starsinmyeyes)
Posted at: December 12th, 2007 01:31 am (UTC)

only thing that could have possibly made this better would have been if they all got naked at the party ala the Potters.

funny shit girly girl :)

Posted by: ♫ Nacey ♫ (logansrogue)
Posted at: December 12th, 2007 07:04 am (UTC)

Teehee! Thank you! :D

Posted by: ojgife (ojgife)
Posted at: February 17th, 2013 12:24 am (UTC)

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