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♫ Nacey ♫ [userpic]
Desiderata: A New Start.
by ♫ Nacey ♫ (logansrogue)
at February 12th, 2010 (05:15 pm)

current mood: bouncy

Okay, so, remember that big family I had in the Sims, like, for years? New Madrigal! Harry and Hermione were there, they had five kids, I had LOTS of kids with Ares, the God of War, etc, etc?

Well, I still have that neighbourhood, but because it's so full and so complicated and so loaded with content, it takes ages to load. I do intend to try to play that family again at some point. But for now, I'm starting fresh in the sweet little town of Desiderata.

I had a fling but it went nowhere. Nope.

So anyway, this is me starting out. Me and my cat! Rogue!

The Doctor also lives in this neighbourhood. Don't ask me the back story. I don't know why he's in Desiderata Valley. He just is. I give great head, something like that.

Nina Hagen lives here!

So do Joxer and Gabrielle!

I didn't take many photos of the actual dating stage. Mainly because I didn't think I'd be sharing them in my LJ!

Random Sim Hugs with my stick-like Sim arms.

I love how slightly overwhelmed he looks here.

Anyway, we're dancing in the garden.

At some point, we look at the stars together.

Aww, Rogue! Even as a Sim Cat, she's fuckin' adorable.

One day, while visiting me, the poor Doctor is attacked by a vicious genetic mutant, half mammal, half dinosaur! It is the terrible Skunkiraptor!

Doctor: What the...

Doctor: AARGH! OH! OH! You - OH!!

The Skunkiraptor makes a breezy getaway. Sadly, this was a one time glitch.

So, the Doctor and I agree to get married. Joyous, the Doctor leaps into my arms, completely unaware of the reversal of the heteronormative tradition. This turns me on.

It's a dawn/morning wedding, in our yard. A small affair.

It was tough finding a good suit for the Doctor. I think I just gave up.

The good thing about Sim weddings is that my Sim can wear any kind or cut of dress and still look good. In real life? I could never get away with that dress.

Yay! We are wed!

The Doctor gets all interwebby. So, my Sim has to learn how to paint. She gets to that pretty quickly.

The Doctor serenades me with David Bowie songs.

Doctor: Is there life on MAAAAAAAARS?!

I seem to be pregnant.

The worst thing about morning sickness is the clean-up afterwards.

Question is, how long to Time Lord babies need to gestate for? And will it have one-and-a-half hearts?

The Doctor tests out the theory of Foetal Bonding.

It's still just a theory.

The Doctor opines on the painting I did of him. It tickled my funny bone, and also seemed rather in character for him.

Days go by and soon it's baby time.

Like, now.

Doctor: BABIES?! I don't know from BABIES!!

Well! That was easy.

Doctor: But you just-

Doctor: Hmm. Okay. This is all right.
Nacey: Great! I'm havin' a piss!

Doctor: ... Awwwww.

So, that's the first session. :) Cross posted at awesims.